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Achieve Your Goals with Semaglutide

Let Palma IV guide you towards achieving your weight loss goals with our GLP-1 (wegovy, semaglutide) compounded medication. This FDA-approved medication has shown efficacy in causing weight loss in some patients through extensive clinical studies. Learn how Semaglutide works to suppress appetite, stimulate insulin production, and support fullness signals to the brain. Combine it with diet and exercise for optimal benefits.

A Breakthrough in Weight Loss

Semaglutide, a GLP-1 agonist, is an FDA-approved breakthrough in weight loss. It operates by boosting insulin production, slowing stomach emptying, and signaling fullness to the brain. Experience strong and long-lasting appetite suppression, potentially leading to up to 10% body weight loss. Our comprehensive weight loss packages include a thorough medical assessment, education on Semaglutide, goal setting, lifestyle and diet guidance, ongoing monitoring, and, if suitable, a prescription.

Our packages include:

Medical Assessment


Goal Setting

Lifestyle and Diet Guidance


Semaglutide prescribing


0.25mg-0.5mg= $350.00 month

1mg-1.7mg= $400.00 month

2.4mg= $450.00 month

Consultations fees:

$100.00 for 1st month and

$60.00 afterwards

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